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My brother (the left-wing one) is supposed to start driving down from the Pacific NW Friday and cases are exploding here. I keep wondering if the campus will close again, but if they were going to do that, they should have already done it. There seems to be a sort of barn door/horse issue going on. Fatalistic. Take basic precautions, pounce on vaccine availability and hope for the best. My mom would be a priority, but I wouldn't.

You need an account to access vaccine info online. It's annoying. Off to create account. ETA: Trying to create an account - website doesn't like my address and/or phone number.

ETA2: In keeping with political theme: My right-wing bro is finally taking the pandemic seriously but his son - my nephew - is ripe for alt-right radicalization if it hasn't happened already. Anti-mask, anti-lockdown, giant American flag tattoo. No girlfriend.

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