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Regarding the so-called reserve vaccines, trump administration officials are trying to convince the states they 'simply misunderstood.' From the CNN report:
Oregon Health Director Patrick Allen, in a letter to Azar in which he recounted a call with Brown and Operation Warp Speed CEO Gen. Gustave Perna on Thursday, demanded that the HHS chief reconcile his statement about "releasing the entire supply" with this revelation. "During that call, he informed us there is no reserve of doses, and we are already receiving the full allocation of vaccines," Allen wrote. "If true, this is extremely disturbing, and puts our plans to expand eligibility at grave risk. Those plans were made on the basis of reliance on your statement about 'releasing the entire supply' you have in reserve. CNN report
In other words, one trump official tells you 'we're going to release our entire reserve to you,' and then another trump official tells you, 'Yes, right. But we already released it.' Is that going to be a problem?

From a Guardian article yesterday:
Federal authorities did not release all available doses of the vaccine to states, keeping about 50% in reserve so people could get their second jabs. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses. Guardian link
The highlighted parts are what turned out not to be true. Besides being a liar, a grifter and a dirtbag, trump is also incompetent. Someone who has a pretty good idea how to get things done wouldn't have lost the kind of money trump has lost over the years.

In other news, the U.S. passed 24 million cases today (we're running at close to 1.5 million cases per week now) and deaths topped 400,000 (we're seeing 20,000+ people pass away per week). From the same Guardian article:
As coronavirus continues to tear across the US without any sign of slowing down, officials have warned there is a “full resurgence” in most major population centers – and that the country could see an additional 92,000 deaths in less than a month. Officials worried that there was “significant, continued deterioration from California across the sun belt and up into the south-east, mid-Atlantic and north-east.” These regions effectively comprise all of the continental US.

The reports were quoted as stating that there was a “clear continuation of the pre-holiday high rate of spread as measured by rising test positivity, increased cases, increased hospitalization rates and rising fatalities." Additional data compiled by the New York Times indicate that a record number of deaths almost daily in the US largely stems from soaring cases in California and Arizona. In Los Angeles county, there is a Covid-19 death every eight minutes. Health officials in Arizona said hospitals are poised to become overwhelmed unless authorities acted fast to combat coronavirus. The Republican governor has pushed back against a statewide mask mandate, the Times noted. Guardian link
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