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Originally Posted by newyorkguy View Post
Regarding the so-called reserve vaccines, trump administration officials are trying to convince the states they 'simply misunderstood.' From the CNN report:

In other words, one trump official tells you 'we're going to release our entire reserve to you,' and then another trump official tells you, 'Yes, right. But we already released it.' Is that going to be a problem?

From a Guardian article yesterday:

The highlighted parts are what turned out not to be true. Besides being a liar, a grifter and a dirtbag, trump is also incompetent. Someone who has a pretty good idea how to get things done wouldn't have lost the kind of money trump has lost over the years.
How is this not criminal? These guys should be in jail for this. I would bet they told Biden's transition team they had them - why else would they be arguing to release them? Now we see why the Trump administration DIDN'T want to release them early - they didn't have them.
"You have done nothing to demonstrate an understanding of scientific methodology or modern skepticism, both of which are, by necessity, driven by the facts and evidence, not by preconceptions, and both of which are strengthened by, and rely upon, change." - Arkan Wolfshade
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