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Eric Dingwall endorsed the séance room phenomena of the medium Willi Schneider:

[Note. — By permission the following very important report by Mr. E. J. Dingwall, Research Officer of the English S. P. R., and late Director of the Department of Physical Phenomena in the A. S. P. R., is reprinted from the English Journal of October. It narrates what took place in a few sittings held with the Austrian medium, Willy Sch., in Munich, at which, by the imitation of Baron von Sckrenck-Notzing, Messrs. Dingwall and Harry Price were present. The report is that, although a control of almost unprecedented rigor was maintained over the medium, results were obtained which, in the opinion of these extremely cautious and amply qualified witnesses, “ it is reasonable to suppose ” were" in reality caused by supernormal agencies." — Ed.]
Dingwall rejects the hypothesis of fraud in the sittings and says in the paper:

The conclusion, therefore, at which we ourselves have arrived, is that it is reasonable to suppose that the phenomena are in reality caused by supernormal agencies, the nature of those agencies being unknown.
These are not the words of a skeptic.

And ends his article by stating:

However monstrous these phenomena may appear to those persons who are not acquainted with the mass of evidence now adduced in support of their reality, to ignore them is impossible for the scientific man. In the case of the medium Willy Sch., the opportunity is presented of again examining phenomena previously recorded as occurring with other mediums under conditions which scarcely ever obtain in mediumistic work.
Dingwall was far from a skeptic, he was a full blown paranormal believer.

Eric Dingwall. (1922). Physical Phenomena Recently Observed with the Medium Willy Schneider at Munich. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research 16: 687-698.

As for the medium Willi Schneider what did real skeptics think about him? I share with you a quote from the psychologist and skeptic Donovan Rawcliffe:

Rudi, and his brother Willi, had been repeatedly and comprehensively exposed as fraudulent tricksters, yet such is the faith of those imbued with a penchant for the mysterious that both spiritualists and psychical researchers alike continued to believe in the possibility of their supernatural powers. "Ectoplasm" and other "teleplastic manifestations" were their main specialities. These, however, were investigated by Professor Przibram of the University of Vienna and found to be nothing more than deceptions."
Donovan Rawcliffe. (1988). Occult and Supernatural Phenomena. Dover Publications. p. 313

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