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Dude dude dude, so so so wrong.

Asteroid have achieved equilibrium with thier plasma environment, comets have not. You know, the whole point of the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE.

charged bodies immersed in a plasma... so so simple.

Nice confabulation though, you and rc should really get together.

I’ll supply you a paper an strong electric fields at a comet and you find the highest measured electric field at an asteroid.

Now, unfortunately the paper does no cut and paste nicely but you can find the relevant parts easy enough.

Electric fields and cold electrons in the vicinity of comet Halley

Harri Laakso

Also very strong ( near On undeniable) evidence of my beloved plasma double layers.

7. The cometopause is observed inbound at 160,000 km with a thickness of 10,000 kin. It has a positively charged outer surface and a negatively charged inner surface with a potential drop of 50-100 kV. A current layer, with a thickness of 22,000 km and the electric current flowing from dawn to dusk, is located on Vega 1 outside the cometopause at a distance of 8,000 kin. The current layer contains the solar wind plasma flow that is not properly able to penetrate the cometopause but is diverted to move along the cometopause.

The dc electric field exhibits a large gradient (the total potential drop over the layer is -135 kV),
“No rock. Any charge separation is limited. The electric field is pointing in the wrong direction. Currents are doing nothing.” Jonesdave116.

“The 'electric comet' is physically IMPOSSIBLE to model using mainstream science! PERIOD! True story! End of story!” Indagator
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