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Thumbs down The usual lies, delusions, insults, etc. already addressed over the last 10 years

Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
]The usual insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. already addressed over the last 10 years.
The insane insults of the deceased Michael Francis A'Hearn by Sol88 linking him with demented dogma, etc.

Sol88 promises even more insanity . and of course delivers deluded insanity !

This is a thread about Sol88's demented electric comet and Sun, not mainstream science. Sol88's demented electric comet and Sun are a collection of insane fantasies that for example destroy the Sun ! They explain nothing about comets or the Sun. They are an example of how some people can become so insane that they will believe anything rather than rational science.

Sol88's usual insane lies - the research he linked to is part of the mainstream explaining solar activity !

Researchers recreate the sun's solar wind and plasma 'burps' on Earth
A new study by University of Wisconsin-Madison physicists mimicked solar winds in the lab, confirming how they develop and providing an Earth-bound model for the future study of solar physics.
Sol88's usual insane lies - the demented SAFIRE experiment about the Sun with a metal ball for the Sun has nothing to do with this real Sun or science. Over 5 years running now and the demented SAFIRE experiment has no published results about the Sun. Compare this to real science:
A laboratory model for the Parker spiral and magnetized stellar winds
Many rotating stars have magnetic fields that interact with the winds they produce. The Sun is no exception. The interaction between the Sun’s magnetic field and the solar wind gives rise to the heliospheric magnetic field—a spiralling magnetic structure, known as the Parker spiral, which pervades the Solar System. This magnetic field is critical for governing plasma processes that source the solar wind. Here, we report the creation of a laboratory model of the Parker spiral system based on a rapidly rotating plasma magnetosphere and the measurement of its global structure and dynamic behaviour. This laboratory system exhibits regions where the plasma flows evolve in a similar manner to many magnetized stellar winds. We observe the advection of the magnetic field into an Archimedean spiral and the ejection of quasi-periodic plasma blobs into the stellar outflow, which mimics the observed plasmoids that fuel the slow solar wind. This process involves magnetic reconnection and can be modelled numerically by the inclusion of two-fluid effects in the simulation. The Parker spiral system mimicked in the laboratory can be used for studying solar wind dynamics in a complementary fashion to conventional space missions such as NASA’s Parker Solar Probe mission.

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