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Originally Posted by cullennz View Post
They should create a unit like the SFO with similar powers and change the law to like England has where if no one talks they just charge everyone of them with doing it, and then lock them up till someone talks or they all get convicted.
That's exactly what I maintained should have happened with the Kahui case. By not speaking, they become accessories to murder by hiding his or her identity and given every single one of the disgusting ***** a life sentence.

Originally Posted by Doghouse Reilly View Post
While I understand your point and don't want to derail the thread, I don't think it's fair to say that stealing loads of cash doesn't harm anyone. I understand that he's a friend of yours, but such crimes absolutely harm society, and depending on the circumstances of the theft, can harm individuals severely in ways not fully understood by the perpetrators of such crimes.
They stole complete ATMs out of walls. The only harm done to anyone was through the 0.0000001% increase in insurance premiums that got passed on.

It's the closest thing I know of to a victimless crime, especially when compared to a trained boxer beating a 5-month-old girl to death and serving all of two years in jail for it.

And yes, that piece is right, we selected that murderous piece of human filth to represent NZ at a Commonwealth Games. He turned out not to be too flash when he faced someone able to stand on their own.
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