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Originally Posted by Stacyhs View Post
If he really wanted to know the answer, it would have taken all of a couple minutes to find it with a quick google search.

And he sure as hell wasn't asking a 'yes or no' question. I answered it by showing Lou Dobbs was falsely claiming there was voting by illegal immigrants but that Trump's claims were about election fraud and rigging, not specifically voting by illegal immigrants. His response was to insult me.
I understand that people play dumb as a rhetorical tool ... but if that was the case I don't really know what the objective would be. I don't see any big "gotcha" lurking anywhere. But I may be kind of naive that way.

I went over some database (Heritage Foundation?) that supposedly documented dozens of voter fraud cases ... and it did, but about half IIRC were for, like, JP in some rural Kentucky district and they had to go back decades to scare up some cases. Then there was this case, detailed in the Texas Tribune:

Originally Posted by Texas Tribune
"Someone did not do their due diligence": How an attempt to review Texas' voter rolls turned into a debacle

Texas officials flagged 95,000 voters for citizenship reviews. But after thousands have already been cleared, questions are being raised about how they handled the process.
So maybe you were being set up, but for what? I don't understand the payoff. If there's widespread voter fraud I want to know about it, but every time I try to chase down the data it just does not amount to much. And it's far from clear that Democrats are the main beneficiary of whatever fraud there is.
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