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Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
It may be in the GOP's short-term interest, but if they don't want to incur significant demographic backlash that base is not viable beyond 2020, IMO.
The GOP's demographic time-bomb steadfastly seems to fail to make itself felt. The GOP seems very adept at ensuring that its representatives get elected despite the demographic challenges it faces. IMO it won't change tack until and unless if fails to get elected in a spectacular way.

Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
Really? Most IDs are good for more than 18 months, and the kind of chaos you envision also has a limited shelf life. And, respectfully, that's a wee bit of a paternalistic attitude you've got. People meed to get DL's or state ID and they're fully capable of it, especially with the help of registration drives.
You may consider it paternalistic, but people with "chaotic" lifestyles can find it difficult to get and keep valid ID. If the ID also has to have an accurate address, then that's doubly difficult for those who are sofa-surfing or living with a series of friends and/or relatives.

IDs get stolen and/or go missing all the time. As someone living a comfortable middle-class lifestyle, it's very unlikely that it will happen to me and if it does I have the time, motivation and resources to sort out another one pretty easily. It's less easy for someone who doesn't have all their paperwork easily to hand and/or doesn't have the time to sort out a replacement.

Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
Keep fighting it in the courts etc. What's the alternative? Giving up? And I don't think people are as hopelessly disorganized as you seem to think. If Trump voters can manage to get to the polls so can younger, more progressive voters.
Young and progressive voters can get to the polls as long as they are registered (lots of students purged from rolls), have the time, have valid ID and are motivated to go out and vote for the non-Trump candidate.

Trump voters are highly motivated and are champing at the bit to go out and vote for their candidate. At around 40% of the electorate, they're also IMO the largest single voting bloc.

If the GOP make it as easy as possible for GOP voters to get out an vote by having lots of polling stations and keeping any lines short by having very quick ID checks whilst at the same time making sure that there are few polling stations in Democratic Party leaning areas and keeping the lines nice and long to discourage people from voting then so much the better from their perspective.

Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
Nothing is going to "fully address" that. Voting isn't that hard. Most states have early-voting or mail-in options.
No, you cannot fully address it but comparing the lines at US polling stations to here in the UK (for similar turnouts) it seems that in certain areas there simply aren't enough polling stations, that they're difficult to get to and at least in the UK if you are on line to vote at the time the polling station closes then you get to vote even if it takes a while afterwards. As I understand it, the same is not necessarily the case in the UK.

Originally Posted by Minoosh View Post
I don't think complacency is going to keep people home as it did in 2016. I hope I'm right.
It depends, IMO.

Give people someone exciting to vote for then they will be motivated to go out and vote. Give them the same-old same-old then they might well think that standing on line for an hour and being subjected to an inquisition over who they are isn't worth it to vote for someone they dislike just a little less than President Trump.
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