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Originally Posted by Rolfe View Post
I don't know what happened. I haven't got nearly as far as putting together a scenario where someone else did it. Though I note that the defence are alleging that Christine's brother was the murderer, not that it was a break-in gone wrong.

I'm just wary of the "we're sure he did it so we have to break his alibi" approach. Too many wrongful convictions down that road.

I think it's unlikely that Lundy hired a hit man, because his alibi wasn't good enough. So if he did it himself, it's necessary both to figure out the time of the deaths, and then figure out how he could possibly have got there. If the phone call thing isn't a set-up, then there's simply no time before about 2.30 in the morning he could have got there. And that's too late for the stomach contents any reasonable way you slice it.

I wonder if the prosecution aren't blundering again. The prostitute gave the time she left him as something like 00.38. Even at night, there's still a long drive to do, in the dark, no moon, in late winter. Time of year much like it is now in the northern hemisphere. If they're saying he carried out the murders after the prostitute left him, I think the implied time of death is simply later than can be made credible.

This is a very odd set-up. The stomach contents say early evening, the lights and the computer turn-off and the impression that Christine had already gone to bed say after eleven. Square that circle if you can.
I could square it. The people were getting ready for an early bedtime when they were murdered shortly after 7 pm. The killer came back after a couple of hours to turn off lights/computer, so no one who was up late would notice anything amiss.

I'm not sure this is right, but I don't see it as an insoluble problem by any means.

We would get this all figured out if we had the photos and the autopsy reports.
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