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Originally Posted by Roofgardener View Post
That was an impressive tour-de-force of avoiding questions, CapelDodger.

If I was to be mischievous, I would just point out ONE part of your response....

So you are suggesting that the comments that YOU made are NOT the truth ?

Good job I'm not mischievous.
Please indulge. If your use of the flaccid "So ..." ploy is a example of your capapibilities I have no concerns at all. What I said was a precis of Herzl's many statements on the matter; the best you could do in response was try to pick a hole in the precis. You will have to look for yourself if you're not going to take my word for it; who knows, you might find out I'm making it up, and wouldn't that be a triumph?

If I reference a particular Benny Morris book, or any book for that matter, it's all too likely that you'll look it up on Amazon and criticise the blurb on the grounds of what the book might actually say.

Having said that,

I take it you've avoided learning anything about the subject, given the ease of the "So ..." ploy and the fact that learning is hard. Sometimes uncomfortably so. You might have to face up to the fact that the Zionists did indeed rob and expel hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with prior intent, and would have done the same to many more had they not been stopped.

Neither you nor Ziggurat care to contest that fact, nor the fact that the Jewish State was not conceived as a refuge from persecution but to safeguard racial purity and due deference to one's proper Community Leaders. Which is pretty much what it is. There's far less Jewish miscegenation in Israel than there is in, say, New York or London. And a remarkable group of Community Leaders are in charge.
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