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Originally Posted by JeanTate View Post
And over in the BLP sub-Reddit, I've posted others (e.g. Mills' theory on the CMB gets the second and third TT acoustic peaks wrong).
I missed this in my 2 years of analysis of Mills book listing the ignorance, lies and delusions in it

2 years ago I noted the basic insanity behind Mills CMB "theory".
7 March 2017: Pages 1497-1498 are a delusion about the CMB and more nonsense.
He has the CMB being emitted by stars and galaxies by "mass to energy conversion" (fusion?) but stars and galaxies are not blackbodies!

Page 1496 starts with Mills' abysmal ignorance about GR and cosmology.
The curvature of spacetime is produced by mass and energy so as a first approximation fusion in stars converting matter into energy does not change curvature.
Stars do not make spacetime expand ("cause spacetime to expand") ! The universe is expanding as a whole, not in bits around stars. One of the basic, well known parts of cosmology is that an expanding universe does not affect gravitationally bound objects such as people, planets , stars, and galaxies.

The rest of page is Mills' insane cosmology (a finite, closed, oscillating universe because he does some deluded math).

Mills "POWER SPECTRUM OF THE COSMIC MICROWAVE BACKGROUN" section starts on page 1519 and actually ignores the measured power spectrum .

Mills ignorantly confuses polarization (E and B modes) of the CMB with its power spectrum. The BICEP2 results were known to be wrong in early 2015. This is a 2016 edition.

Mills lies with "The Universe is a 3-sphere hyperspace of constant positive curvature" (page 1521) when the physical evidence is that the universe is flat (zero curvature) which implies that the universe is infinite, especially for a 3-sphere.

Figure 32.13 with "E-mode and B-mode polarization of the CMBR" (BICEP2) when this is not the power spectrum. Or anything to so with the inane gibberish at the top of the page. Same stupidity in Figure 32.14 and in Figures 32.15A-B.

Figures 32.15A-B is that actual power spectrum: "The experimental power spectrum of WMAP... Courtesy of NASA, G. Hinshaw, et al.", which is then ignored The WMAP result dates from 2006.

Then we get Mills' "prediction" which is not even a fit to the power spectrum! Mills has an assertion that if he does some not-listed calculations, he gets a constant that places the E-mode T peak at "l = 140 which matches that observed by BICEP2 [141, 142]". The references are to the incorrect BICEP2 B-mode papers.

The CMB power spectrum does have a peak around l = 140.

Ignorant gibberish about gravitational lensing converting E-mode polarization to B-mode.
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