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How can social media tackle more false news more quickly?

Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
Oh right, ignore the book because she left out quote marks and made a few errors. She was on CSPAN and it was discussed, at length.

You can go read or not read whatever you want. I'm halfway through the book and the history of how print media changed and the evolution from Google (you search) to FaceBook (someone shares with you) I find fascinating. I am quite capable of assessing a book despite flaws rather than simply accusing the author like we might dismiss out of hand anything Limbaugh or Jones said.

Straight from your second link: Like I said...

Your interpretation of the Guardian article is wanting.

You should actually read the article instead of just the headline.
FYI means “for your information.” I am well aware of a lot more of the detail of the author’s dissembling and her plagiarism and errors. I linked the articles for your convenience. You’re welcome.

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