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That is an understatement. They really had no plan to go TO the Urals either. Halder's plan was to advance to a purely arbitrary straight line on the map, from Arkhangelsk to the NE "tip" of the Black Sea. The line wasn't defined by any rivers, mountains or really any geographic features, and wouldn't pin the Soviets against anything (like the encirclement of the allied forces in France was against the sea.) Exactly why he thought the Russians would capitulate if he advances to that line and takes Moskow is not very clear to any historians or generals, as far as I know.

Also, there was no way the German logistics could have allowed them to go all the way to the Urals, really.

Nor would have their fuel reserves. As told to Halder by Hitler himself, they had fuel for 4 months starting the instant they declare war and the USSR stops selling them fuel. Which was remarkably accurate, actually. If you count from mid June, you have July, August, September, October... and, uh, big surprise, they bog down in October.

Exactly on what fuel or transport capacity they'd keep going all the way to the Urals is never explained in such fantasy alt-history scenarios.
Absolutely and they had made a deal with the Japanese to divide Asia:

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