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The thing is, everyone has 'philosophy of life' and why should I care about this one? But perhaps that is not the intent here:

I am sharing my philosophy here in order to solicit feedback so that it may be improved.
That is kind of interesting, however, lets take 'random' example from page 7:

Elimination of judgments
 One should always keep in mind that events are interconnected through the
operation of physical cause and effect. Thus, apparently negative events can
precipitate positive events, and apparently positive events can precipitate negative
events. Moreover, the connections between events can be very indirect and
impossible to predict. Consequently, if one were able to go back in time and modify
or eliminate a particular event, one’s entire life might change as a result, and
whether it would change for the better or the worse would not be knowable.
I am not quite sure what kind of feedback there can be to this.

IF it was accompanied with practical example, maybe it would become apparent why 'one should keep this in mind' and could be evaluated somehow. But without it, what to say? Yes, no, but .. basically anything.
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