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Originally Posted by psionl0 View Post
You have failed miserably to demonstrate that this is the case (assuming that you know what I am talking about).

I'm guessing that you think that private education should not get any government money at all. This would be a serious detriment to lower income parents who would be forced into the public system.

Giving subsidies to schools rather than parents makes no sense to me whatsoever (but is the natural preference of politicians).

I sometimes wonder if you even live in Australia. Firstly, I do think that private education should not get any government funding at all. State Aid is an artefact of the 1950s when the Libs did an unholy deal with the DLP, which kept them in power for many, many years. By the time Whitlam gained power, it was entrenched. Other nations donít fund private schools. Why should Australia?

People forced into the public system because they canít afford the extortionate fees of private schools? Boo bloody hoo. Like everything else, including choice of car, house, running shoes etc etc, if you canít afford it, bad luck. Donít expect other taxpayers to subsidise you.
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