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Originally Posted by cullennz View Post

He is appealing apparently so am guessing it will be reduced.
I'd be very surprised, but we'll see.

The average sentence for murdering a child is a touch over 4 years, so there's definitely an issue there.

Originally Posted by cullennz View Post
Apparently he is in segregation, so he doesn't even get a warm welcome from our friendly gang guests
I imagine "segregated" in Chch prison just means he's in with all the other white blokes, where he'll be a hero. Any of the Harris gang inside right now?

Originally Posted by CaptainHowdy View Post
I'm not in favor of child pornography and I sure as Hell am not in favor of Islam in New Zealand. But snuff films are pretty high on the depravity scale no matter who the victims are and this one is a doozy.
No worse than some documentaries. Our 6pm network news has no problem showing violent deaths, and whether it's 1 or 50 makes no difference to me.

The video itself is widely and freely available on the internet, so whether or not someone distributes it to willing watchers is moot, to me - they can go and watch it right now.

The telescopic sights were a nice tough in Arps' video, though.

We're going to turn this bloke into a martyr for white supremacy. Clever play.
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