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Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
Please stop with the vapours.

It's not a generic mental illness that is the problem,
Then why is there a long running thread with people telling me how obvious it is that Trump has a mental illness? Weird.
it's the fact that the Commander in Chief is supposed to take difficult decisions with complex geopolitical ramifications that affect the lives of Americans in dangerous parts of the world. Trump literally behaved like a preschooler during the national anthem - that's a sign that something is very wrong with his mind.
Eh. It's a sign that he's a childish fool. You didn't really need to invoke the mental illness angle in order to make your point, which is really: It's not good to have a childish fool as POTUS. And I totally agree with that point.

What I don't agree with is using the medical profession and illness to attack someone.
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