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Originally Posted by Oystein View Post
But he HAS described that, and two of us have tried to explain that description to you!

I'll repeat it for you:

Caveman thinks it is likely (close to a 50:50 likelihood) that the people ultimately behind the 4 teams of hijackers were not Osama bin Laden and/or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (and whoever unwittingly may have supported them financially), but an (unnamed) other secret agency of an (unnamed) state (presumable the USA, or an ally of her secret services) manipulated the hijackers (on some level - either manipulated the 19, or manipulated OBL/KSK, or...)

Now it is true that this is lacking detail - I hint on areas that could well do with more detail.

But it is, for the purpose of this thread (opening post: "I would like everybody ... to state as consisely as possible your working hypothesis of what happened on 9/11, who did it, how they did it, and why they did it."), a good start. Ok, the "who did it" part I'd be interested in.
Exactly my point, he hides behind ambiguity using all your UNs. So this as you point out further in the post does not give concisely what (s)he thinks/believes.

For example I could say there is a 50-50% chance of rain today. In other words I don't have a firm opinion of whether it will rain or not.
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