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Originally Posted by caveman1917 View Post
Can you tell me whether it rained on the Southern-most tip of the Italian peninsula on 1 January 50,000 BC? Likewise if, say, just before midnight you see rain clouds forming then you can already say before the event with reasonably good accuracy that it will rain. Probabilities reflect a lack of knowledge, not whether an event has or hasn't happened yet. The fact that an event hasn't happened yet would be one common source of lack of knowledge though.
He indicated after the event. Of course one has to be in a position to be able to observe to be able to say that the event happened with 100% accuracy. Quit trying to obfuscate the discussion with what might have occurred.

The question is clear enough, what do you think happened on 9/11 as the thread topic suggests. Clear concise thoughts without statistical probabilities that you continue to use. What happened?
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