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Originally Posted by Akri View Post
I am not saying that you need to care about your friends to get the benefits of friendship. I'm saying you need to care about them for your relationship to be a friendship. Thus if you want to have friends--regardless of why you want to have friends--then you want to have people you care about.

We're having a conversation. I made a statement. You pointed out that my statement was incorrect. I fixed the statement. You may now take the fixed statement and put it into the context where the incorrect statement was used in order to understand what I was trying to convey.

Declaring something does not make it true.

Re-read Dinwar's posts. He already explained the concept to you. As for examples I don't care nearly enough to bother with that, especially since you've got no problem with simply declaring your arguments correct (and fyi, changing the definitions of words so that they support your argument is a form of simply declaring yourself correct).

Then you shouldn't have needed me to point out the flaws in your statement.

And here you're once again showing shallow thinking by failing to consider that if you replace the hilited word with "positive" you get something very close to what I was suggesting. You've also switched from saying that the negative emotion will return once the positive emotion is gone, to saying that this could happen in certain circumstances.

Interesting how many commonly-understood words you felt the need to redefine for your philosophy. You might want to reflect on why you did that. I've got some theories, but I doubt you're actually open to such serious criticism.

Ah, I see--you're saying that in order to eliminate all negative emotion you must also eliminate the desire for positive emotions. B does not happen as a result of A, rather A happens in part as a result of B.
I see nothing new in your post that refutes anything in my philosophy, so I feel no need to provide a response.

Thank you for your time.
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