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To medical investigators’ dismay, the symptoms in the attacks vary widely from person to person. In addition to hearing loss and concussions, some experienced nausea, headaches and ear-ringing, and The Associated Press has reported some now suffer from problems with concentration and common word recall.
This whole thing sounds like bull excrement to me.

Some U.S. diplomats reported hearing loud noises or feeling vibrations when the incidents occurred, but others heard and felt nothing yet reported symptoms later. In some cases, the effects were narrowly confined, with victims able to walk “in” and “out” of blaring noises audible in only certain rooms or parts of rooms, the AP has reported
Sound familiar? I believe we've heard this kind of crap before in the paranormal forum. One hundred percent BS. Send in the Ghost Hunters! It's a loose A/C vent!
I'm taking a leave of absence in case anyone notices.

Stop feeding the trolls PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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