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Exclamation The usual insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. addressed since 6 July 2009

Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
Sol88 shows how deep his decades of insanity is yet again.
The thousands of insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. since 6 July 2009 from Sol88 about his cult's electric comet and electric Sun dogma (updated 31 Mar 2020 to add his demented lies about electric discharges).
This post: Sol88 emphasizes Sol88 is too much of a coward to give the context or caption of that image: Comparison of Deep Impact and Stardust photos of a smooth elevated feature on the surface of the nucleus showing recession of icy cliffs at the margins. (my emphasis)
with a demented demand for papers.
Of course there are no published (or even rejected!) papers on his demented EDM dogma because he and his cult are too ignorant, deluded and cowardly to even try to write them. He and his cult just spew out "EDM" and reveal the depths of their delusions because this is EDM.
Yet more insanity from Sol88 reveals that he seems even more of a coward by linking to just that image than we may have thought! The annotated Wiki page for the image does not state that the image is from a paper. The image may have been NASA scientists showing the public what happened. The image may have come from a mainstream ices and dust comet paper. In either case it is nothing to do with Sol88's demented dogma.
That post ends with his demented lies about electric discharges in what he quotes from a paper when there are none and they are physically impossible in plasma !

Next post: His insanity of thanking jonesdave116 for debunking his demented dogma yet again .
This is more like another one of his thousands of insane lies over the last 11 years.
jonesdave116 raises the point that a radial magnetic field rules out the dogma of a radial electric field - As pointed out by Tim Thompson 16 years ago. That is something Sol88 must have known for those 16 years!
jonesdave116 stated that any electric discharges would have been detected from their distinctive radiation. They have not and Sol88 has known that for at least 11 years.
jonesdave116 wrote the obvious fact that EDM is a human, industrial process. Sol88 has known that for at least 11 years!
jonesdave116 missed out that Sol88's demented delusion of electric discharges in comet coma which is the subject of the paper he lies about are Sol88's own personal delusion, not his cult's demented dogma.

For others who are interested in the history of physics: The term "discharge" was used in a few early papers on magnetic reconnection to describe the high current density happening during magnetic reconnection.
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