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Originally Posted by Puppycow View Post
Has there been a single verified case of it happening?
No. But it's too soon to know if anyone who has recovered has been re-exposed.

Originally Posted by Puppycow View Post
Even if we don't know with metaphysical certainty, it's a pretty darn good bet, and furthermore, even if reinfection is possible, is it likely? If a prior infection provides no resistance whatsoever, then we're all doomed anyway because a vaccine will be impossible.

Because the risks here are not only on one side of the equation. Humanity cannot remain on permanent lockdown forever. At some point life has to go back to normal.

Personally as a betting man, if I knew for certain that I had the antibodies, I would be much less worried about getting reinfected (just as I don't worry about getting measles or other diseases that I've been vaccinated for).
As an infectious disease practitioner for the last 30 years, I would not take that bet.

If you get the chance to try it out, let us know.
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