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Originally Posted by Puppycow View Post
Since there are already over 1 million recovered patients in the USA alone, a trial should be relatively easy to conduct.

Recruit X number of recovered patients and an equal number of people who haven't had it yet to be a control group.

Exactly how large X needs to be should be a matter for the statistics people to figure out. But the larger, the better.

For this trial you don't need to administer any drugs or placebos, you just need people to agree to be tested every few weeks or so.

Make the control group as close as possible demographically and geographically as the study group. Over time, presumably, some fraction of the control group will test positive. If nobody from the study group, or a significantly smaller fraction than the control group tests positive, you know that they have some immunity or at least resistance to reinfection.
While I see this is all (misguided) speculation, do you want to be the person that went through a COVID infection who now lets their guard down just to answer your question sooner rather than later?

It's not necessary. We know who people are that have recovered. If/when one turns up with a reinfection, we'll know.

Until then, there's nothing researchers need to do... except wait. That is the ethical thing to do.
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