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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
While I see this is all (misguided) speculation, do you want to be the person that went through a COVID infection who now lets their guard down just to answer your question sooner rather than later?

It's not necessary. We know who people are that have recovered. If/when one turns up with a reinfection, we'll know.

Until then, there's nothing researchers need to do... except wait. That is the ethical thing to do.
I disagree. This is not the same as a "challenge" experiment where you intentionally expose someone to the virus. If I had been though it, unless I had a particularly severe case, I would in fact happily volunteer. If I was one of the asymptomatic ones, I would think it would be a risk worth taking. Mind you, I'm not suggesting anyone go out of their way to expose themselves again, just live your normal life.

In your scenario, how long do we have to wait and how will we know when we know? With over a million recovered patients (over 6 million worldwide) wouldn't we see at least a handful of reinfections by now, if it were possible to be reinfected?
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