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Originally Posted by KDLarsen View Post
Another one from the "Mandatory pointless lie about a trivial thing"-file:
I think a different paragraph perfectly sums up the Trump presidency.
When the decision was made to cancel the visit to the Aisne-Marne cemetery, no aides cautioned Trump that it would play poorly, which he later blamed on Gen. John Kelly and one of Kelly’s top aides, Zach Fuentes. One person familiar with the discussions in the aftermath said Trump accused them of “f*cking him” by not predicting the inevitable fallout.
1) Trump could not understand, on his own, that not showing up would play poorly. He has no idea that other people have their own feelings, goals, and emotions that are both nothing like his and completely valid.

2) Rather than admit that he made a poor decision, he accuses others of ******* him over.

I would be amazed if Trump could give a coherent answer to the question “why was there fallout after you didn’t show up?”
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