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Originally Posted by Ladewig View Post
I think a different paragraph perfectly sums up the Trump presidency.

1) Trump could not understand, on his own, that not showing up would play poorly. He has no idea that other people have their own feelings, goals, and emotions that are both nothing like his and completely valid.

2) Rather than admit that he made a poor decision, he accuses others of ******* him over.

I would be amazed if Trump could give a coherent answer to the question “why was there fallout after you didn’t show up?”
It's not just a poor decision, though. Even if he wanted to be apologetic, what would he be apologizing for? His mortal fear of precipitation? His terminal laziness? His petulance at being made to feel like an outsider by his European betters?

Unfortunately for President Piece O'****, there was never going to be a good explanation/excuse/lie for why he wouldn't drag himself out of his room to make this scheduled appearance.
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