Thread: [Continuation] The Trump Presidency: Part 25
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Originally Posted by Captain_Swoop View Post
I remember when President Trump met a veteran wounded so badly that he had no arms. The President reached out and touched his face so he would feel the human contact. #trump #MAGA #Veterans #VeteransForTrump
Most immediate reactions:
1. ew, gross. I'd probably feel gross where he touched me for hours or days.

2. touching someone's face sounds like a genuine act of emotion and empathy, the kind of thing you do not for optics or ratings, but because you really care.

In other words, there is no way this story is true.

3. the Trump was Einstein, and everyone applauded!
"He's like a drunk being given a sobriety test by the police after being pulled over. Just as a drunk can't walk a straight line, Trump can't think in a straight line. He's all over the place."--Stacyhs
"If you are still hung up on that whole words-have-meaning thing, then 2020 is going to be a long year for you." --Ladewig
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