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Originally Posted by chrispy View Post
Look, I am an American but have not lived in the staes for almost a decade. Can
someone explain these weird "Boat parades" and 'trump train" things? I mean this, WTF?
It's just a bunch of owners of pleasure boats, large and small, on the lake at the same time. It's not too different from any other summer day at a large lake, the difference in this case being that Trump supporters made arrangements to festoon their boats with Trump campaign flags all at the same time.

Trump-support has become something of a cult of personality; for the supporters, their status AS "Trump supporters" has invaded every aspect of their identity, so that many of them are taking completely mundane personal or family events - like a trip to the lake, or a family barbecue, a wedding in at least one instance - and turning them into ad-hoc political rallies by having everyone wear clothing or carry flags proclaiming devotion to Trump.
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