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The Trump campaign is broke

It’s been no secret that the Trump campaign is a cesspool of nepotism and corruption. It’s also telling that while the Biden campaign triumphantly announced a record-shattering $365 million haul for August, the Trump campaign has been notably silent.

And then there was that most telling of tells—the Trump campaign going dark during its convention week, pulling all TV advertising from the airwaves. A cash-flush campaign would use TV to reinforce the convention’s message, and there was no reason for the Trump campaign to not be cash flush, right? But there was literally no other explanation to their advertising silence: they were broke.
On Thursday, records filed with the Federal Communications Commission by Phoenix-area television stations showed that the Trump campaign cancelled all of its ads between Sept. 8 and Sept. 14. The air time totaled approximately $580,000 in the Phoenix media market, which includes most of the state except for the areas surrounding Tucson and Yuma.

FCC records also show that the Trump campaign stopped advertising on Tucson television stations about two weeks ago.
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