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Originally Posted by Stacko View Post
They're taking advantage of his need to hit back with that ad as it also features his comments on Megyn Kelly from the debates. Guess what he'd been re-litigating at every rally? Those incidents which puts them back in the news. It interesting that he insists on helping them get their message out. Wait to the ads featuring his attacks on the Khans start airing.
How the hell did this guy make so much money? Who in their right minds think any of this is smart.

The guy has diarrhea of the mouth and absolutely doesn't understand the effectiveness of good negative ads. He is giving the Clinton campaign a gold mine of material to work with.

I have always felt that Hillary would win but it would be a horse race. Trump has to find a way to get with 5 points of Hillary within 14 days or its over and it's going the other way. The press stories right now are all about disarray in the party and with his campaign, none of which helps.

Trump no longer can afford to dodge the debates. He needs something in his favor or else it's just running out the clock. Hillary would just say "fine, if Trump is such a coward, cancel them. I have better things to do with with my time than debating a loon."
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