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Originally Posted by Stacko View Post
They're taking advantage of his need to hit back with that ad as it also features his comments on Megyn Kelly from the debates. Guess what he'd been re-litigating at every rally? Those incidents which puts them back in the news. It interesting that he insists on helping them get their message out. Wait to the ads featuring his attacks on the Khans start airing.
A reporter commented just Monday that in their recent "one-on-one" interview, Trump shushed him three different times so he could catch something on TV news. He's obsessed with the coverage he gets and has to strike back. If he doesn't hit Facebook or Twitter, he works it into his routine.

He did the re-cap again in Orlando yesterday, bringing up the Kelly fiasco, the dancing muslims, and the follow up to that, the reporter he mocked. Fox, even, reporting on this, asked the rhetorical question, "Do you really have to give them new material every day?" When you see O'Reilly, Kelly, et al looking bemused and shrugging, you've got a problem.

My question is which Fox anchor/star is going to be the first to actually disown Trump on the air. I'd think that O'Reilly, whose show has turned into a cottage industry of Bill O'Reilly, Inc., could take his show to any network willing to give him the time and I'd bet that MSNBC or CNN would give him a slot. I could also see Megyn Kelly becoming a big bucks host for one of the broadcast networks' morning shows. Her street cred with moderate viewers has improved immensely since the Trump Wars.

Whomever.... I think it likely that one or the other makes headlines by actually dumping Trump on air, or taking a new job because they disagree with the network's blind vision. I can't imagine Hannity or Greta doing so. Hannity because he's too busy holding up Trump photos with one hand, and Greta because I don't think she has the following to take her act on the road.
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