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Originally Posted by Distracted1 View Post
Of course there is a chance that Trump will be bothered by Pence getting more screen time and more column-inches. And even if that doesn't bother Trump, he is going to negate almost everything Pence says. That is how it has worked up until now.
If intervention is successful, I think we are about to get inundated with anti-Hillary messages to extents only dreamed of in Talk-radio land.
Interventions are successful only if the person has the desire and the power to change. I assert Trump has neither.

Trump can run all the anti-Hillary ads he wants (or more precisely, can run all the anti-Hillary ads he can afford), Clinton has a ground game and is using poll data to target voters very precisely. Trump, however, wants to run his campaign and Trump is against using data, he believes rallies are the key to victory. Also, Clinton can outspend him.

As I said, if we see a new Trump I will gladly admit to being wrong and will not whine if you say "I told you so."
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