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Oh man. This thread is a gold mine of armchair quarterbacking. My favorite so far:

Originally Posted by Ladewig View Post
Clinton has a ground game and is using poll data to target voters very precisely. Trump, however, wants to run his campaign and Trump is against using data, he believes rallies are the key to victory. Also, Clinton can outspend him.
Although, to be fair to Ladewig:

As I said, if we see a new Trump I will gladly admit to being wrong and will not whine if you say "I told you so."
I won't say "I told you so", because I didn't. I didn't even see the Trump win coming, until it actually happened.

I never put much weight in the "outspend" argument in political campaigns. It seems like once you have enough money to clear the barrier to entry into the campaign, diminishing returns set in very quickly. By August, it was clear that Trump was getting all the publicity and coverage he needed, at a fraction of what Hillary was spending.

What I don't think any of us knew until after the election was over, was that the Clinton team didn't have a ground game, and that their reliance on targeting models was fatally misguided.
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