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Exclamation The usual insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. addressed since 6 July 2009

Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
The thousands of insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. since 6 July 2009 from Sol88 about his cult's electric comet and electric Sun dogma.
Sol88 gives us an insane rant from Wal Thornhill about stars.
Sol88 gives us an insane video from Donald Scott: Voyager 2 and our Solar System's Birkeland Current
Yet another insane rant from Sol88. Insane lie about asteroid Bennu. Insane ignorance about plasma sheaths. Etc.
Yet another insane rant from Sol88. Insane lies about posts and posters, about models he is totally ignorant about, that an approximation is an error, that ices are not observed, etc.
Will Sol88's insanity that we have not detected ices on comets pop up again? Or has he finally learned a real fact about comets that his demented cult denies?

Sol88's usual insanity which emphasizes Sol88's insane religious dogma that comets are actual rock (no ices or a demented fantasy of "little ices") blasted from rocky planets by electric discharges between planets including recent times (witnessed by us!) and that these rocks discharge in a massive solar electric field. This insanely tears the rock apart and puts gas and dust into the coma and forms their insanity of jets as electrical discharges !

Sol88's usual insane lies about science, comets, posts and posters
We know that jets are gas and dust not Sol88's insane religious dogma of electrical discharges. The mechanism to create jets is sublimation of ices to gas and gas dragging dust with it.
Sol88's usual insane lie that a quote is about jets !
Sol88's usual insane obsession with cherry picked papers.
Sol88's usual insane lying about those cherry picked papers.
Is near-surface ice the driver of dust activity on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is a model of outgassing of near-surface surface ices dragging dust with it.
Methods: We used a 1D thermophysical numerical model that provides a realistic description of cohesion forces among dust aggregates. Several conditions of solar illumination on the nucleus are investigated for the H2O, CO, and CO2 ices below the dust layer. We examine a wide range of dust grain sizes.
Results: The simulations confirm an increase in temperature and pressure at the ice boundary between the two model layers with respect to exposed pure ice. Furthermore, we show that a non-monotonic behavior of temperature and pressure versus layer thickness is expected at the ice-dust interface for fine aggregates (of sizes ≤30 μm), but not for the larger grains. The ratio of vapor pressure to the physically determined tensile strength for various agglomerate sizes and layer thicknesses provides further evidence that the gas drag is not sufficient to remove dust grains of sizes <1 mm, which is a result of taking cohesion forces among the particles into account.
Conclusions: In the framework of the presented model, which can be considered common in terms of assumptions and physical parameters in the cometary community, the dust removal by a gas drag force is not a plausible physical mechanism. The sublimation of not only water ice, but also of super-volatile ice (I.e., CO) is unable to remove dust grains for illumination conditions corresponding to 1.3 AU. A way out of this impasse requires revision of the most common model assumption employed by the cometary community.
Their model concluded that cohesion forces would prevent the removal dust grains of sizes <1 mm.
Sol88's insanity is that is all dust.
Sol88's insanity is that detection of small grains at 67P cannot be explained. For example, any one with a brain can suspect that large grains (also detected) could break up to form the smaller grains. The model may be wrong - real comets have lower cohesive forces between the particles than used in it.
Sol88's insanity includes that any approximations make a model wrong. But the paper he quotes has a model with approximations, e.g. it is 1D !

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