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To simplify...Haser model is wrong.
No, it is not wrong. And does not alter the fact that they are detecting neutral water vapour, and that you don't understand the science, and therefore the paper. Deal with that, instead of spamming your idiotic, failed woo.

The Nucleus of Comet 67P/ChuryumovGerasimenko - Part I: The Global View – nucleus mass, mass loss, porosity and implications

Yup using the Haser model, there must be ice everywhere on mostly icy comets. The above paper, whilst poo pooed, is a good indicator that all is not well with the Dirtysnowball.

Or whatever model mainstream now use.

Problem is it’s all hidden.
Another idiotic post, sidestepping the obvious failure of the electric comet woo. They detect water. The amount Patzold (who is likely wrong) calls for, is still waaaaay more than you can explain. In fact, you cannot explain a single millilitre of it, let alone hundreds of thousands to millions of tonnes of it. Deal with that, yes? YOU. CANNOT. EXPLAIN. IT. Clear?
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