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Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
Likely wrong?

‘Spose him and his team are unlikely to be wrong?

How’s that fit into the dirtysnowball if true?

Brace yourselves, here comes a large page count from reality check and a dummy spit from jonesy

Who is still struggling with the concept of electrodynamics and dusty kinetic plasmas.

Ice not needed or observed in the quantities needed.
Point 1: I know nowhere near as much about plasma physics as Tusenfem. Obviously. However, I know far more about it than you or the idiot Thornhill.

Point 2: You have run away again, haven't you? Go read the Patzold paper, and tell us what figures he is suggesting for the ice mass loss. Need me to do it for you? I think we all know why you won't answer that. It is quite plain in the paper. Go find it, and stop chickening out. Any ice kills your woo, and there are hundreds of thousands to millions of tonnes of it. Just as your woo was killed back in 2005 by the impact at Tempel 1.
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