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Originally Posted by Distracted1 View Post
If one fears that they are in an environment wherein certain political viewpoints are goodthink, and others badthink, they might choose to give the answer that indicates they are in the goodthink cohort.
Yep, and they do the same at the ballot box.

The vast majority of voters will always vote for 'their' party, no matter what opinion they might have expressed about it beforehand - simply out fear. The vote itself might be secret, but if they vote for the 'other' party they have to lie about it to their peers. This is particularly disturbing if the 'other' party wins. Not only are you a liar, but also a traitor! And they can probably tell that you are lying...

Pollsters OTOH, who cares? It's much easier to unload your real feelings onto an anonymous stranger who doesn't care what you think and won't be tittle-tattling about it.

That's the problem with polls. The question they should be asking is - "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party democrat?"
We don't want good, sound arguments. We want arguments that sound good.

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