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Originally Posted by Emily's Cat View Post
I think he's a bombast and a blowhard, who likes to make a lot of noise, but I don't personally think he ever had any intention of trying to become a dictator. Just like I also never worried that he would wake up in the night and launch a nuclear strike on a whim. Or like I never worried about the roving gangs of Trump supporters who were going to start hunting down and beating gay people in Capitol Hill.
You mean like...?

He wouldn't attempt to overturn the results of an election
He wouldn't have his goons attack peaceful protesters (so that he can have a photo op)
He wouldn't use the arms of government as re-election minions
He wouldn't encourage armed whack jobd to commit political violence
He wouldn't support the whack jobs plotting to take Gov. Whitmer to trial in the woods
He wouldn't encourage violence against the media
He wouldn't blink when Saudi thugs offed a US journalist

Are these among the things you have in mind when you shill for Dear Leader's innocent intentions?
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