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Originally Posted by Aridas View Post
Just to be clear here, I quite disagree with that sentiment. That the Trump Administration and Republican propagandists sabotaged efforts in many ways across the board may make it look a bit like that, but... it's really not the case. Just imagine, for a moment, what would fairly certainly have happened if Hillary had been President, though. Even ignoring that it would have been much more likely to have been crushed while it was still almost exclusively in China, there's lots and lots of points of divergence. The Pandemic response team and protocols would fairly certainly have been adhered to, for example, with more useful intra- and inter-government coordination. Hillary, and just about anyone else sensible, would have acted to try to impede and prepare for potential spread since before it arrived, which would help quite a lot when it comes to keeping it under control from the start, rather than trying to put out a fire that's already raging through the walls around you. Going further, you likely know as well as I do that most of right-wing media would be screaming their heads off about how the Democrats were responsible for every single death and putting pressure on everyone to take Covid-19 seriously - which they could do with dramatically more leeway, because it wouldn't have been anywhere close to as bad of a crisis.
I agree, contact tracing would have been feasible had we acted in Feb when we had plenty of warning.

It was not exclusively in China, it had reached the EU and adjacent countries by then.

I can attest to our local public health (part of the CDC) not only being caught unaware, they had to be embarrassed by family members of the Life Care Center nursing home holding a press conference before they acted to interrupt the spread there. ED docs receiving the patients from that home only found the COVID outbreak there because they refused to follow interim CDC guidelines that they didn't need to test anyone without an exposure history.

Even after the outbreak was identified, help was promised several times that never materialized.

And proper contact tracing was not done on the first patient, a man who showed up at the Everett hospital, who had arrived from Wuhan. He did fit the criteria. But our state has strangled public health abilities through funding cuts (for which the GOP state senators were responsible for) So no one went looking for anyone he had exposed before he was admitted to the hospital.

We get regular notices if a person with measles has been on an airplane but no one thought to even do that much for COVID.

Lo and behold another patient turned up on a flu screening. When it wasn't flu they tested for COVID. At that point a genomic analysis found all three were related, the Everett patient, all the nursing home patients and the random guy across town with an infection that wasn't flu.

It was at that point the virus was thought to be too widespread for contact tracing. I suspect that would have been different had we been prepared with sufficient testing supplies.

To connect the guy across town to the Everett patient (40+ miles away) the virus had to have been transmitted by asymptomatic persons and because of the speed of spread it was very likely airborne. With additional evidence confirming this, it was pretty clear airborne and asymptomatic spread was indeed occurring.

When was it the CDC interim guidelines were updated to recognize those two facts? Months after the science was there.

Fauci made excuses for why he ignored the science. I don't buy it. He was reluctant because he tried to compromise with Trump's politics.

He has since made amends with the excuses and essentially cutting ties with Trump. But I don't believe his excuses. I don't believe he was staying as current with the facts as he should have been.

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