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Originally Posted by Meadmaker View Post
I certainly don't have any sort of inside information that says one way or another. I was just figuring that we ought to have been able to do as well as the average European country, but I don't see any reason we should have been able to do better than the best large European countries. So, way back when the first lockdown started happening, I envisioned that there would be several weeks of fairly tight lockdown, during which cases would drop to a very low number, and then we would have such a high testing capacity that we could swat the case numbers down everywhere they popped up.

That expectation doesn't seem realistic in retrospect, just based on the fact that only a few nations managed to achieve it, and the ones who did are islands, or are not very densely populated.

We could have done a lot better than we did, but I'm not sure it was realistic to think we could have done better than Germany.
What state are you in? Have public health services been cut time and time again in your state?

I have first hand knowledge that our state public health, with Trump being responsible to a large degree, could have done much better had they been properly funded over the last 2 decades and had Trump not ignored the problem.

If our CDC had taken the world leadership role it was well known for in the past, even Germany could have done better.
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