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Originally Posted by varwoche View Post
And whaddya know, he was far worse than I imagined. Its hard not to be numbed at this point, but this has been a truly demented, surreal, four year nightmare, revealing Hilary's basket of deplorables as a significant understatement.
Same. My worst fear with Toddler Trump was that he would have a Cuban missile crisis-style scenario on his hands. A crisis which required a cool head and solid leadership. This crisis materialised itself with covid, and while I expected him to botch it horribly, I never in my wildest dreams would've thought in 2016 that he would deliberately mismanage it as badly as he did.
"He's like a drunk being given a sobriety test by the police after being pulled over. Just as a drunk can't walk a straight line, Trump can't think in a straight line. He's all over the place."--Stacyhs
"If you are still hung up on that whole words-have-meaning thing, then 2020 is going to be a long year for you." --Ladewig
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