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Originally Posted by Upchurch View Post

I think he first came into my consciousness when Bill the Cat suffered some sort of problem and believed he was Donald Trump in the Bloom County comic strip.
Reverse that. Donald Trump was hit by an anchor from his yacht, destroying his body. His brain was transplanted into the body of Bill the Cat. "Trump" ended up buying the comic and running it into the ground, IIRC.
I have a book of Bloom County cartoons from back in the 80s (Bloom County: Classics of Western Literature). It has many of the cartons from the "Trump brain transplanted into Bill the Cat" storyline.

And yes, Trump did run the comic into the ground. All the cast was "fired|, and the comic sort of ended soon after. (The author started writing the comic "outland" soon after.)

I have to say, it is almost surreal going back and reading those comics. "Trump" is portrayed as extremely boorish (and not too bright). And this was going back to his days of Ivanka, before he produced the hellspawn and entered politics.
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