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Originally Posted by Trebuchet View Post
Sorry Mader Levap, I think we hit the peak Wednesday morning. Of course, we've still got 12 days to go.
Nope, the peak was passed a long time ago, Trump was in decline long before Nov 3rd. What we saw in the Capital Invasion was the thrashing of the body as it realises that its time is quickly coming to a close and it fights to survive.

Sadly this also makes it far more dangerous as his supporters get more and more desperate and start being willing to take any actions, regardless of the cost to themselves or the country, as long as there seems to be a way for them to still win. Cornered and desperate people who already believe themselves to have nothing left to lose if are willing to do anything to just survive, or at least to do as much damage to their enemy as they can on the way out.

And that makes this period of time extremely dangerous, and extremely scary.

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