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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
From her attorney: “The craven bloodlust of a failed administration was on full display tonight.”
And clearly so, when the appeal took place in record time after the fist judge issued a stay for competency proceedings.

Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
After a 6-3 SCOTUS decision not to grant a stay. So all those pieces of **** anti-abortion SCOTUS justices don't think God minds if we kill adults.

******* hypocrites.
I guess they were keen to show Donny how much they love him, and nothing says "I love you" like murdering a woman.

There's no irony in soldiers claiming PTSD as an excuse for their crimes while a woman whose like has been infinitely more damaging than theirs is not.

The point of equilibrium has passed; satire and current events are now indistinguishable.
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