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Originally Posted by MattNelson View Post

From NCSTAR 1-3B we read, "The lack of WTC 7 steel precludes tests on actual material from the structure...." There was no reason to excavate the WTC 7 steel so rapidly, since there was no rescue and recovery operation there.

On the contrary, there was a huge hole on the south wall of WTC 7 and WTC 7 began to buckle, not to mention that firefighters knew the building was going to collapse as they continued to hear the sounds of structural weakening within WTC 7. FDNY made the prudent decision to get people out of WTC 7 and that decision is what saved lives.

The hole on the south wall was massive and as a result, structural loads were redistributed among other structural members, which eventually weakened due to fire. In the final seconds of its collapse, WTC 7 tilted toward the south.

Figure D-14 WTC 7 W14 column tree with beams attached to two floors

Figure D-17 Seat connection in fire-damaged W14 column from WTC 7
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