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Originally Posted by angrysoba View Post
It seems to me that his main strengths could also be a weakness: heís a hedge fund billionaire who has been the leading Democratic donor. Thatís fine for raising money and putting out ads, but it could put off voters who balk at super rich establishment types. Of course money is necessary to run for President but there is little support for the idea that it is sufficient. Trump was also independently wealthy but he was a big name already and won over voters because of what they thought of as his charismatic personality and his audacious attacks on the Republican establishment as well as his liberal opponents. Trump also wasnít even one of the biggest spenders among presidential candidates because the TV networks were so enthralled by him they gave him all the free air time he needed. Steyer, on the other hand, has none of this name recognition and he has no experience campaigning.

From what I can see he has two main ideas and neither one are going to win him the presidency - climate change and impeaching Trump (the latter of course would be a superfluous campaign pledge anyway).
They're all millionaires, just about, including Sanders and Warren.

Sanders is a millionaire.
Yang is almost certainly rich.
DeBlasio, millionaire.
Booker and Klobuchar, both somewhere around a millionaire.
Bullock, a millionaire
Sestak, a millionaire
Williamson, millionaire (shock)
Hickenlooper, millioniare
Warren, very much a millionaire.
O'Rourke, very much a millionaire
The Bidens have millions
and so on and so on...

Is George Soros a progressive? Yes.

"Two main ideas?" "No experience campaigning?" "No name recoginition?" You didn't look very hard.
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