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Originally Posted by Skeletor View Post
Every year around this time, it seems I get into arguments with conspiracy theorists that bring up AE911Truth, and how it just seems to devolve into a discussion about WTC7. Did the two large aircraft that struck the two huge buildings not have anything to do with it? The conspiracy theories just make no sense logically, and otherwise intelligent people are deluded by this nonsense!
The de-facto reason for the focus on WTC7 is simple IMNSHO. It is harder for debunkers to prove no CD at WTC7.

Early debates had focussed on claims for CD at the Twin Towers. All such claims effectively rebutted - essentially because there is sufficient evidence in view to support explanation of the collapses and why CD help was not required. BUT the "tradition" has developed that "debunkers" accepted "Reversed Burden of DISproof". No truther seemed to be intelligent or competent enough to prove truther claims. So debunkers brought intelligence/competence into play and rebutted the claims giving counter explanations. So be it - that had become situation normal and still is the norm. And the truth movement had effectively lost the battle for CD at the Twin Towers.


Along came NIST's WTC7 report. The gross picture still looks a bit like CD but most of the detailed evidence was hidden inside the building. A gift from the gods for truthers - effectively led by AE911. So they shifted focus to WTC7 where the evidence is hidden and it is a lot harder for debunkers to DISprove.

Everyone forgetting that the actual burden of proof is with those claiming CD. And the truther reliance on "Reversed Burden" is itself a confession that they cannot prove their claims.

So that is the "big picture" as I see it.
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