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Originally Posted by Mumbles View Post
Ready for a shock?


I can totally buy the idea that there are some people that simply don't, or can't, accept the obvious fact that Dolt 45 is plainly a white supremacist.

The reasoning is actually simple. "Well, I know that being a racist is the worst thing you can be. Trump thinks what I think. And if Trump's a white supremacist, then so am I, and that makes me a racist, the worst thing a person can be. But that's crazy! I'm not evil, so I'm not racist, so neither is Trump!"

Simple. Deeply fallacious at every step, but simple.
Yes, what you just said is deeply fallacious.

I donít think Trump is a white supremacist. My reasoning does not fall anywhere near along the lines youíve laughably outlined above. Trump is a 73 year old product of the culture and the time period he was raised in. You can say heís racist and I wonít argue with you. But to say heís a white supremacist is to say that heís espoused a certain world-view that thereís no evidence that he actually has.

A large part of this, again, comes down to the fact that many white people simply can't recognize racism, because they aren't taught what it is. They and their families simply don't need to know, so they never really learned anything beyond burning crosses, fire hoses, and "Segregation forever!".
Iím sure this is true but not universally. I see no need to tar all white people with the same brush.
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